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The GreenLight Project

GreenLight monitors light levels in a room and automatically modifies the brightness of artificial light sources in that room to maintain a default and comfortable room light level. The system is designed to take full advantage of natural light sources, therefore reducing the amount of artificial light necessary to brighten a room. The system’s hardware and software components communicate with each other over WiFi, eliminating the need for rewiring the existing lighting. This means that GreenLight can be installed in any WiFi connected room. Here's how it works:

The sensor (placed near a work surface) reads in ambient light levels using a photocell and sends this data, over WiFi, to the GreenLight server.

The GreenLight server calculates the appropriate amount of artificial light needed in the space, based on the ambient light readings from the sensor, and the user’s light preference setting.

The dimmer, a small device installed as a light switch replacement, receives information from the GreenLight server and dims artificial lighting accordingly.

Energy usage information is sent from the dimmer back to the GreenLight server and displayed on an energy dashboard.

GreenLight also provides a software system that administrators can use to monitor and compare electricity usage and cost metrics over time. These metrics can be viewed at the individual room level, as well as aggregated at an entire building level. In addition to metrics, the system also allows individual room customization. An occupant in a GreenLight equipped room will be able to create an account through which they can edit the default light level in their room, toggle their lights remotely, and create custom lighting schedules for their room. The GreenLight mobile application for Android takes advantage of Bluetooth low energy to notify users when they enter their GreenLight equipped room allowing them to immediately adjust these same settings through their mobile device.

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Carnegie Mellon University,

E: team@greenlightbeta.com