Qualifications Of An IELTS Teacher

A tutor is someone who arranges preparation for  IELTS test. He has specific qualifications that are not possessed by a regular English teacher. IELTS teachers are especially trained to help candidates learn how to use the language, deal with the reading, writing, listening, and speaking sections well during the exam. They are not expected to cover all the lessons in English during sessions, and instead they teach students the most essential elements or topics that can improve their performance. During classes, they make sure that the lessons target the criterion areas of the test.

Tutors are equipped with the knowledge, training, skills, and experience needed to increase the chance of learners in passing the test. They typically undergo trainings, workshops, and courses that significantly help develop their knowledge in teaching. If you are wondering what these courses are designed for, then the answers are quite easy. You will take these courses so that you’ll be able to guide learners develop the language skills as well as evaluate their learning capacity.

You need to be able to encourage students identify their weaknesses and work on them. You should use effective exam strategies that are designed to impress the examiner based on the test criteria. You need to have the ability to teach them the test format, the strategies that can improve their test practice as well as their band score. You should also not forget to discuss the do’s and don’ts during the test. Other important lessons that learners need to study on are include vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and spelling.


The qualifications of being a tutor include being able to organize and develop the strategies that can satisfy the requirements of the examiner. You can present teaching materials as well as employ classroom methodology that is appropriate to the needs of bilingual students. Courses will also teach you to have the ability to monitor and evaluate the progress of students as well as conduct self-evaluation.

You should be able to understand the needs and requirements of your candidates. Bear in mind that you also need to have the right books, preparation material and other resources needed to make learning painless, and possibly enjoyable. You need to use the right exercises, audios, videos, and reading materials that can train them well and improve their skills. The learners should maintain their enthusiasm and motivation levels from the start to the end of the class.

If you have no background in teaching English, then what you should do is get a certification such as CELTA, which is an English language teaching certification. This is essential in becoming a test preparation instructor. If you are teaching young students, you may communicate and consult with their parents. You need to be results-oriented, and be able to use professional teaching techniques during classes.

There are many things to know about being an instructor. There are many aspiring instructors today who are working hard to become the best person to handle candidates. Teaching can be a lot of fun, and you just need to be equipped with the things needed to become the best mentor.